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Metal Central has several panels to choose from for use on commercial projects. Choose R-Loc or M-Loc for a classic appearance.  For a more industrial look and the performance of 24 gauge material, choose Central-Loc or Central Seam Plus.

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Fire House Metal Building with Tan Metal Siding and Brown Metal Roofing
Panel-Loc Metal Roofing and Siding Panel in Light Stone
R-Loc Metal Roofing Size Chart Specifications



Commonly referred to as PBR-panel, this 26 gauge panel is an excellent choice for your projects that require commercial grade performance. R-Loc™ is designed to maximize the potential of your structures, specifically the steel frame. With an added purlin bearing leg, you can count on easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.

M-Loc Metal Panel Profile
M-Loc Metal Roofing and Siding Size Chart Specifications



The M-Loc™ panel is similar to our R-Loc™ panel in gauge, strength and resistance to the most severe weather conditions with a rib style more suitable to smaller trims and buildings. This traditional commercial panel has long served customers with lasting durability in commercial type applications.

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