Designed to beautify your building soffits.

Precision-Loc® is a concealed-fastener soffit panel with clean lines that complement a building’s eaves and walls. The 12″ width offers flexibility in design and is available in solid or vented, with a flat appearing finish or with one stiffening groove.

  • 4 options: choose solid or vented in either flat or with one "v" groove.
  • 1" deep x 12" wide soffit panel with interlocking seam.
  • Smooth finish or with one “V” groove.
  • Fastens directly to the sub-structure.
  • Minimum length for solid panels is 6". Minimum length for vented panels is 36".
  • Comes in 12 fluropon colors.

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Precision-Loc® is available in 4 profile options: Solid Flat with no Ribs, Vented Flat with no Ribs, Solid with one Rib, and Vented with one Rib.

Precision Loc Flat Soffit Size Chart Specifications

Solid Flat with No Ribs

Precision Loc Flat Soffit with Vent Size Chart Specifications

Vented Flat with No Ribs

Precision Loc with V Groove Soffit No Vent Size Chart Specifications

Solid with One Rib

Precision Loc with V Groove Soffit with Vent Size Chart Specifications

Vented with One Ribs

Consider Precision-Loc® metal panels for your soffit, fascia, and wall projects.

Precision Loc in Red installed on soffit

Flat Option Application

Precision-Loc Soffit Panel in Red

Flat Option Application

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