Easy-to-assemble, affordable, and fast turnaround time!

Centra™ Series Bolt-Up Steel Buildings go up quickly and easily. These metal buildings are engineered for easy assembly with no on-site welding needed, just bolts and screws – so easy, pretty much anybody can assemble it. Choose the perfect size and give us a call to order. A complete package with easy-to-follow instructions is typically ready within a few days.*

It’s really that simple!

Perfect for experienced DIY’ers, you and a couple friends can install a metal building on your ready foundation (please consult with a concrete specialist and download the Pad Design PDF for the proper concrete and anchoring layout).

  • Fast turn-around
  • Assembly instructions included with package
  • No welding required!
  • 3070 Walk Door w/lever lockset
  • Flexible framed opening heights (7′, 8′, 9′ or 10′)*
  • Many options and accessories

*Availability subject to framing availability and panel production schedule. Typically, Centra Series orders can be fulfilled by Central States Manufacturing and ready for pick-up or shipping within a few days. For more information, please ask your Metal Central Sales representative for more information on schedule and availability.

Our standard building package includes:


  • Easy to follow assembly instructions and construction plans.



  • 8″ 16 gauge, red iron roof purlin, flush wall girts, eave struts, and endwall columns.
  • 8″ 14 gauge, red iron sidewall column and rafter.
  • 14 gauge, red iron base angle.
  • 3/8″ thick steel structural plates.
  • Universal bolt package for simple installation.



  • Prime, 26-gauge acrylic Galvalume® R-Loc™ with CentralGuard Protection—3:12 pitch



  • Prime, 26-gauge painted R-Loc with CentralGuard Protection



  • Painted 26 gauge trim package includes base, rake, formed ridgecap, corners, eave and peak box trims.


  • 10’W x 7′, 8′, 9′ or 10′ H framed opening at one endwall.*
  • Door trim package includes painted jamb/header and jamb cover trim.



  • Roof and wall closures.
  • Butyl tape.
  • Clear sealant.
  • 1 1/2″ structural A325 bolts and nuts.
  • 1 1/4″ masonry drive-in anchor for base condition.
  • 1 1/4″ self-drilling fasteners.
  • 1 1/4″ A307 fin neck bolts and nuts.
  • 7/8″ lap fasteners.
  • Pop rivets.
  • 3070 steel walk door, jamb and lever lockset.



  • Lifetime limited paint warranty on painted panels.
  • 25-yr. perforation warranty on unpainted panels.

*10′ H framed openings are available on 12′ H building packages only.


Design Criteria

  • IBC 2012 & 2015
  • Wind exposure C (closed)
  • 115 mph Wind
  • 20lb. reducible roof live load
  • 25lb. roof / 30lb. ground snow load
  • 1lb. collateral
  • Category II occupancy
  • Standard deflections
  • Seismic Zone D

Available Options

  • Wainscot wall and trim package
  • Gutter and downspouts with kickout
  • Painted roof with CentralGuard® protection
  • DripX™ condensation barrier
  • Add additional endwall framed opening
  • Add additional sidewall framed opening
  • Add 30mph wind (upgrade to 145mph)


Centra Series Metal Building Installation Video

Click the video above to see how quick a Centra Series building goes up.

Centra Series Metal Building Installation Video

View the basic sections to install a Centra Series building.

Tons of Applications!

Centra Series Metal Building with Red Metal Siding and White Metal Roofing
Centra Series 30x40x12
Centra Series Metal Building with White Metal Siding and Blue Metal Roofing
Centra Series 30x40x12
Centra Series 30x40x12
Centra Series 30x40x12 Red

Order today, assemble it quick and store your stuff.