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Metal Board & Batten siding is a contemporary and durable exterior cladding option that adds a touch of modern sophistication to residential and commercial buildings alike. This siding style combines the robustness of metal materials with the timeless appeal of the Board & Batten design, giving a lifetime of beauty at a price that’s comparable to wooden panel installation, but without the need for ongoing maintenance found in perishable wooden or vinyl siding.

  • Board & Batten involves alternating wide boards (metal panels) with narrow, thin strips of metal (the battens) that are placed over the seams where the two pieces meet.
  • This style was historically used on barns and farmhouses, and is now popular in both residential and commercial construction.
  • Our Board and Batten metal siding panels offer 10" wide coverage.
  • Central States steel is up to 80% recycled content and as the most recycled material on the planet, the choice to install steel rather than vinyl is environmentally responsible.

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